Banality_Melocotonfilms A small, cozy city apartment. A man lights up a cigarette next and opens window. On the other side of the street, a shopping mall. Among the every evening jostle, a divorced couple meets in the food court. She hands over her kid to her ex-husband, then goes out. At the same time, a group of armed people enters the mall. In a few minutes, monotony gives way to panic. Collapsing people, flying objects, running people. Bullets pierce the mall’s bay windows. But the man in the flat does not notice anything from the massacre. Until he sees a hole in his ceiling.

In developement

Genre | Fiction
Direction and Script | Balazs Simonyi
Production |Gabor Osvath pour Filmfabrik (Hungary) and Hélène Mitjavile for Melocoton Films (France)
Length | 10 min

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