Vanille-Fraise | L’impératrice

It is summer, sky is blue, music is nice. The tennis match begins, the players are a bit bored… Until the apparition of a mysterious vanilla-strawberry ice-cream…


Genre | Clip
Directors | Alizée Ayrault & Jérémie Boeglin
Script | Alizée Ayrault — Jérémie Boeglin — Théo Laboulandine
Production | Théo Laboulandine
Music | L’impératrice

The pink ball | Hagni Gwon
The white team | Clara Hesse — Antoine Netter
The pink team | Léa Streck — Andréa Leone
The umpire | Sophie Hanoun

Photography | Martin Neumann — Théo Laboulandine — Antoine Netter
Editing | Alizée Ayrault — Jérémie Boeglin — Antoine Netter
Color grading | Jeanne Lespinasse
FX 3D | ValentinStudio
Costumes | Jérémie Boeglin
Props | Hélène Mitjavile
Sound design | Charles de Boisseguin
Other FX | Chrystelle Gagey

Interview of the directors
A music video inspired by Wes Anderson

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