Young Enoha lives with his father on Lagoonarium, a small island tyrannically dominated by the greedy Hiro. By chance, the little boy finds himself following the path of a magical bamboo. But Hiro wants this cornucopia, and Enoha will have to face both the rage of nature and the fury of men in an initiatory journey.

In productionBar 1

Genre | stop motion animation | fiction
Script and direction | Charlotte Kirzin
Length | 15 minutes

Shaping and molding of the puppet heads | Carla Chassang
Clothing | Charlotte Kirzin, Chloé Monguillon, Robin Narèce et Romain Wagner
Props | Lisa Godard, Charlotte Kirzin
Accessories | Chloé Monguillon, Robin Narèce, Lia Saïdi et Romain WagnerPersonnages principaux - copieEnoha_CharlotteKirzin_Melocoton4

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