After many years lived in France, Juho and Anna go back to Finland to visit their sick father. Juho dreads this journey, he’s been separated from his father for 15 years and he doesn’t feel like seeing him again. He is afraid of what, or whom, he’s going to find.


Genre | Clip
Script and direction | Mikaël Marignac
Production | Hélène Mitjavile for Melocoton Films & Mika Ritalahti for Silva Mysterium (Finland)

3rd price of the House for Short Film label in 2013
Selected for TRIO workshop 2015
Winner of the SACEM-MFC grant for original soundtrack creation

  • Pori Film Festival- Finland 2017
  • Carte blanche in Tous Courts Film Festival – France 2017
  • Cinetoro Film Festival – Colombia 2017


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