Summer in the rural South offers nothing to Cadie, a pensive 12 year old girl. Her mother drifts off on TV soaps, and her older, cooler neighbor Sarah just wants to get a tan. Alone on a farm, the two girls devise a blood brother ritual that involves a kiss, but just a moment before, two neighborhood boys spot them in the distance.

The girls pair off: Sarah with the boy she likes, and Cadie with the boy she’s supposed to like. Two lackluster kisses later, Cadie hears a scream—Sarah’s—and uncovers an uncomfortable moment that redefines their friendship.


Genre | Fiction
Lenght | 14 minutes
Direction | Nathalie Álvarez

Coproduction | Nima Yousefi for TMV AB (Suède) & Hélène Mitjavile for Melocoton Films (France)

With the support of Région Ile-de-France (Postproduction support)

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